In the summer of 2020, #TeamNaturist hosted an online contest to find a universal symbol to help naturists recognize fellow naturists out in the textile world. While ill and bedridden, I drew a symbol that I thought would meet the requirements stated. My submission won the contest and has been selected as the Universal Naturist Symbol.

This website serves as a place to explain the appropriate usage and licensing for this symbol. You may also purchase a few items through the store. You may also use this website to contact me with any questions you may have related to this symbol and it’s purpose.

#TeamNaturist was started on Twitter by @IbanSaram, and has been gathering international momentum since 2013. From Wikipedia: “Naturism is a lifestyle of non-sexual nudity, and the cultural movement which advocates and defends that lifestyle. Both may also be referred to as nudism.” This logo is intended to help naturists recognize fellow naturists in settings where they may not be able to recognize each other. For example, by placing the symbol on one’s vehicle, others that might see the vehicle parked at the store can see that they have fellow naturists nearby. Most naturists prefer to gather socially with other naturists. This method of identifying each other is helpful to create those social opportunities.

Find more information about the Universal Symbol for Naturists, including information about the selection process, at: